Beautiful Rose Gold Engagement Ring Ideas 42
Beautiful Rose Gold Engagement Ring Ideas 42

46 Beautiful Rose Gold Engagement Ring Ideas

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More couples now opt for rose gold engagement rings than before. This is because these rings are unique in colors and design. Many purchase the jewelry for giving an antique look to it. However, know all the details about the rings to make a more informed purchasing.

To make rose gold jewelry, usually 25 percent copper is blended with 75 percent pure gold. To get darker red coloration, more copper is mixed in the precious metal. Thus, the jewelers can get different hues by lowering or increasing the copper proportion. Clearly, there are many varieties of engagement rings of rose gold that to choose from.

Choose a style

Rose gold engagement rings come in various designs. Because copper alloy offers different colors, you will find many ring jewelries incorporating copper alloy. You can choose the jewelry that has this metal along with diamonds or gemstones. For instance, you can opt for rose shades with pink diamonds in these rings.

You will also find many patterns that involve the gold to some extent. In some rings, the metal offers a perfect contrast for unusual hues. To create different designs, the jewelers make use of different settings like bezel.

Where to find them?

While more jewelers are staking these rings, a common place to find them is antique shop. A century back or so, the art deco period used bold colors by mixing of metals. Hence, rose gold engagement rings were amongst popular jewelries of those times.

Gradually, engagement rings with rose gold as a metal are finding place amongst designer rings. This is making the rings more available in the collection of the jewelers. So far, such rings have been rare to find.

Besides, antique shops, online retail jewelers can also be searched for the jewelry. Due to increasing popularity of antique jewelry, you can buy these rings online as well. but you may need to make an extensive search on internet for right prices.

Affordable rings

As copper is a cheaper alloy than silver, prices of rose gold engagement rings should be lower amongst all the rings. But that may not be the case always. This is because still rose gold rings are rare jewelry. While searching for these jewelries do not be surprise on the prices.

However, more and more people making these rings as their preferred choices, the production is increasing, resulting in lower prices. Now, you are more likely to purchase them cheaper than ever before.

Celebrities too have show interest. Recently Tom Cruise presented a ring with rose gold crown to Katie Holmes. Thus these rings are now being more common and prices are down than before.

While shopping for rose gold engagement rings, search the jeweler’s shop or internet as much as you can. More searching will lead you to accurate ring in terms of design, hues and pricing.


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