Tropical Wedding Bouquet Inspiration For More Fresh Look 40
Tropical Wedding Bouquet Inspiration For More Fresh Look 40

43 Tropical Wedding Bouquet Inspiration For More Fresh Look

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Exotic locations such as the Caribbean or Hawaii have always been popular locations for a dream, intimate wedding on the beach. However, for those who can’t afford getting away, there’s always the option to bring the island to the city by choosing an exotic wedding theme.

Whether you’re planning to have your wedding on a remote island or in your home town, if you choose to have a tropical wedding theme, you need to know how to choose proper tropical wedding flowers or to know what to ask your florist for.

The first step is to decide on color palettes when choosing tropical wedding flowers. Bright orange and red, together with sunny yellow are popular base colors that you can choose for creating a color theme. Tropical themes involve sunshine and warmth, so consider using the warm, fresh shades from the color spectrum, inspire yourself from fruit, such as citrus.

If you want to add cool tones to your color theme, go for kiwi and lime green, hot purple, clear water turquoise or fuchsia and magenta. Once you have decided with your wedding planner which colors you want to go for, you should see which flowers are available in those tones.

As for deciding which species to choose as your tropical wedding flowers, the possibilities are endless: the bird of paradise, or Strelitzia, is a spectacular flower and is long lasting, hibiscus is a popular flower for Hawaiian weddings, Anthuriums are also a popular choice, orchids are extremely elegant and are available in tens of colors and thousands of species.

Calla lilies, even though they have become quite common due to the fact that one can grow them in greenhouses, are an option to consider, first because they are tropical flowers, are readily available in florist shops, are cheaper than most tropical flowers, are long lasting, they come in all thinkable shades and tones and are easily to arrange both in tropical wedding bouquets and centerpieces.

Another aspect to consider, is the season you’re planning to have your wedding. Tropical wedding flowers are usually available throughout the year, but you may want to visit your local florist to check for prices and available flowers to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Also, consider using edible tropical fruit arrangements alongside centerpieces, for those guests with a sweet tooth.


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