Romantic Engagement Party Ideas 42
Romantic Engagement Party Ideas 42

44 Romantic Engagement Party Ideas

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You and your love are at the final step before getting married-the engagement. Are you ready to celebrate your good news with family and friends? Set up your engagement party and make it as meaningful and enchanting as possible with these engagement party ideas.

An engagement party can be an intimate event among the couple’s families or a large gathering of friends and a chance for those dear to both sides to get to know each other better. Sometimes it can seem intimidating to have a party thrown for you but it’s great practice for being the center of attention at your wedding and other events over the coming months and it’s a nice way to let others share your joy.

It’s all about the Day

When choosing the day for your engagement, make sure that it is a time where everyone or at least most of your guests will be able to come. As much as possible, do not schedule during working weekdays unless they are all agreeable to it. It is much better to celebrate during weekends or along with a special holiday where everyone is free from work and can enjoy the affair without hassles and the rush.

The Place Cards for Family and Guests

Browse through the place cards you will be handing out and be sure that immediate family and those who’ve traveled furthest have the best seats.

Did you know that you can buy place cards and holders that will suit your engagement party theme or even your wedding motif? Surprise your friends with these cute place cards holders and be unique.

• Beach theme, silver sailboat or sea shell place cards and holders for the beach engagement party
• Mini cowboy hats for the horse lovers
• Asian brocade snap purse with bamboo place cards and holders for an Asian-themed event

There are so many place cards and holders available now that one is sure to be your style.

Find the Place

Location is very important especially for gatherings as this. Have your party in a hotel, a beach, a special garden resort, or drape up the family home in a very special way. Make sure that the place is spacious enough to accommodate all of your guests. Put place cards in each table to make sure that the seats allotted are sufficient to cater those whom you have invited so that your engagement party would be airy and enjoyable.

Give Off that Romantic Feeling

Make this place even more special by adding decorations. Glam up the place with a theme of your choice adding to it a romantic twist and let it show through your place cards, your attire and your other decorations. Order up blooms and add a good music to the atmosphere. For the best love-filled effect, an engagement party at nighttime with soft glow form candles scattered over each table is the way to go.

It’s a Magical Night

Make your party as wonderful as a fairy tale.

Prepare the best food and offer some wine too. Have the family’s blessing on your declaration of love, and experience a closer step to a more intimate relationship with your partner’s family in your engagement party.

And to say thanks to them for coming and sharing the night with you, give them engagement party favors like: save the date magnets, personalized chopsticks, crystal candy keepsake or pastel favor vases.


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