45 Cool And Casual Summer Outfits Ideas

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Whether you come from the city or the country, fashionable accessories continue to be a spark of creativity. The number of ingredients that make up a look can vary from accessory: color, shape, type and texture. From scarves to bracelets, each choice can change the feel of what you are wearing. The options are endless, and it is always important to have fun when accessorizing. Here are the top five accessories for summer:

Handbags: This type of accessory has been around for ages, but is every changing in the world of fashion. From the clutch, to the strappy shoulder bag, the evolving characteristics of this accessory can immensely alter an outfit. This summer, handbags can dress up a casual outfit, or turn a dress into casual summer attire. Try to stick to solid colors when your outfit is busy. Choosing clutch that highlights the color least used in your outfit can make all colors pop.

Shoes: The bohemian look is still raging popularity for the summer heat. Gladiator or wedge sandals with beads, straps, leatherwork or embroidery are seen on almost every celebrity in the news. Don’t be afraid to purchase shoes that overemphasize a feature. The bigger the beads, or the strappier the look – the better.

Shoes should always be worn to reflect your daily activity. If you’re heading down to the beach, a flip-flop or lightweight sandal may work best. If you are shopping the streets of the city, perhaps a covered-toe shoe is in order. There are plenty of fashionable shoes for any occasion.

Fragrances: Most forget that fragrance, perfume or cologne, is an accessory. The bohemian look may require a musk, oil or patchouli fragrance. A night on the town may gear you toward something more crisp and floral. There is a distinct difference between a good fragrance, and a bad fragrance. Your local or online boutique can provide some amazing scents, without stretching your wallet.

Belts: Big and chunky belts have been gaining popularity; especially those with brass or vintage metals stitched into them. Belts are no longer just a means to hold up your denim, but instead, strap loosely around your waist as an additional accessory. Play with varieties of widths and textures. A simple belt may tone down a loud outfit, while a belt with more edge may blend nicely with simple blouse.

Fashion Necklaces: Glass beads, and natural stones are making up some fantastic summer necklaces this season. A necklace can bring a lot of attention to a shirt, as well as blend a complete outfit together. It is common to choose necklace bead colors that match a shirt, skirt or pants, but also match jewelry to your natural features. A piece of jewelry can bring the colors out in your eyes, skin tones and hair. So, be sure to consider all elements when making your purchase.

When accessorizing, always make the choices your own. Although fashions come and go, pieces you choose can be mix and matched, always. Accessorize to your personality, modeling the hip new trends of fashion.


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