Cozy Henna Lace Arm Tattoo Design You Should Try 38
Cozy Henna Lace Arm Tattoo Design You Should Try 38

41 Cozy Henna Lace Arm Tattoo Design You Should Try

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A Fun, Inexpensive, and Safe Tattoo Alternative: Henna Tattoos Henna Tattoo Designs Are Beautiful Henna tattoos are making a comeback and rightly so. With employers becoming more stringent with tattoo policies, many people are opting for permanent tattoo removal and temporary tattoos. Tattoo design kits are widely available on the internet and are relatively inexpensive at an average cost of around $35.

A single bottle of Henna tattoo paste will do about 24 tattoos! Much like hair color, the mixture is applied over a stencil on the skin that’s been treated with special oil. When the mixture dries and/or is left on the skin for about 2 hours, the stencil is removed, leaving a tattoo design that will continue to develop and darken in hues ranging from orange/rust to deep brown during the course of the next several hours.

Tattoos That Are Safe for Most People

The dying agents are in the plant (Henna Plant Lawsonia Inermis). The plant is dried and then ground to a fine powder. When liquid is added to the powder, you wind up with a paste that when applied to the skin, will turn the area natural colors in the rust-brown families. Henna is FDA-approved for topical use as a temporary hair and skin dye, but individuals should check that they have no allergic reactions to it by applying a bit to an inconspicuous spot and allowing it to develop without skin irritation.

The Many Tattoo Designs Available

Henna tattoo designs and their stencils (which are reusable plastic) have come a long way. There are many online outlets that sell kits with design(s) that rival permanent needle gun designs. Designs vary from ‘traditional’ symbols such as animals and Indian art to very intricate Hindu designs that place the design on hands, around wrists, legs, and arms.

Tattoos That Are Temporary

Reapplication of the Henna paste (up to 4 times) over the same area will result in deeper, richer color tones that may last longer. In general, however, Henna tattoos last approximately 3-4 weeks and naturally fade on their own.

Henna Tattoo Care

Although tattoos naturally fade in time on their own, some people want their tattoo to last as long as possible. To keep your tattoo lasting longer, be sure to avoid chlorinated swimming pools or apply Vaseline over the tattoo prior to swimming. Do not use soaps that contain exfoliates or scrubbing products on the tattoo when bathing or showering and keep the tattoo moisturized.

Henna Tattoo Removal

If you need to remove your tattoo quickly, simple repeated scrubbing with exfoliate soap and water will do the trick. Your tattoo design should be gone in 2-3 days instead of 3-4 weeks.

These Tattoos are Fun

Different religions in the Eastern World have used Henna tattoos during weddings and other special occasions. The hands, in particular, are tattooed in very beautiful and intricate patterns that almost mimic lace gloves. These tattoos are also making a come-back in home parties where the hostess purchases the kit(s) and attendees apply the tattoo designs on each other (bridal “Henna Parties” have been on the rise in the West).

How to Find Kits

Henna tattoo kits may be sold in retail shops that specialize in body art and body piercings. Most people go online to purchase kits by using ‘Henna tattoo design kits’ as their search engine key words. Another advantage to purchasing these types of tattoo kits online is that several websites allow people to create or customize their own design stencils.


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