Wonderful DIY Bracelet Ideas You Will Totally Love 42
Wonderful DIY Bracelet Ideas You Will Totally Love 42

45 Wonderful DIY Bracelet Ideas You Will Totally Love

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The saying “Friendship with oneself is all important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world”.

Friendship Bracelets are colorful small signs of friendship which is made by one friend for some of the special friend. In some countries people call them “Friendship Bands”. These are the Expressions of love, care and affection. Their specialty is that they are hand made. These friendship bracelets are made up of colorful thread and embroidery floss. Such bracelets are made up of knots which expresses the “Strength of Friendship”. It expresses that “Our Friendship is not weak, it is knotted tightly, and it can’t be broken easily”.

Since their origin, these bracelets are very popular among girls. These are a kind of jewelry. They have a universal popularity. The traditional patterns of hand weaving and knot craft originated from Native American Handicrafts. Based on these traditions, there are many thoughts and ideas behind these friendship bracelets. The main idea is that one friend will express her love or care for other friend and the other friend will admire her work. The two common most ideas are discussed below:

Wish Come True
This concept or idea is based on traditional thought of the wish and how wish can come true with the help of friendship bracelet. In order to clearly elaborate this idea, let’s take an example. Suppose there are two girls, studying in the same school and same class. They consider each other best friend. They both really care for each other. One day, one of them made a bracelet with colorful threads. The next day, she presents that bracelet to her friend by knotting it on her wrist. The girl who is now wearing that bracelet wishes something at that time with the belief that when the bracelet will drop naturally, her wish will come true.

Friendship gone bitter
The other concept or idea revolves around bitterness of the friendship. This idea reveals that how sweet friendship like sugar can be transformed into a bitter kiwi. From above example, one friend present bracelet to the other friend with the intentions of knotting that bracelet on her wrists forever for expressing their everlasting friendship. Till they are good friends, the other has to wear that bracelet. But when that bracelet is wear out by other friend without falling off naturally, then their friendship will turn bitter.


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