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Formal wear today is not really the traditional norm that began with the classic tuxedo. At least not for weddings.

Looking from the 70’s up to today, I find that every decade we see some sort of creative formal wear fad, but this doesn’t usually last too long, and if it manages to, you look back with awe.

The revival of the 60’s Nehru Jacket, also know and renamed as the Mandarin collar, was very popular in the late 90’s and is such an example. Frock Coats another.

Although these styles are still available today, they are far from being called classic or contemporary, and disappearing from formal wear events.

Also in this same category are, colored jackets and suits. Gone are the atrocious colored accessories such as Paisley vests, bright colored cummerbund and bows, which were used to match the bridesmaids. Today’s formal wear trend for weddings seems to be more conservative.

Contemporary three piece suits with narrow lapels are in, just like a business suit style. With either one CB vent or two side vents. Two button or 1 button on front of jacket.

A total masculine look is created by wearing a three piece suit. Black is still the most popular, followed by Black striped as well as Browns, Grey and Fawn/Beige, with matching same vests in wool rich fabrics.

Jacket lapels in either Peak or Notch are self facing, and some, especially Black can have Silk facing or a small Silk trim to give it a more formal expression.

Shirts in Ivory or White. A tie or cravat is usually worn on a standard collar shirt to match the bride or bridesmaids. Usually the groom wants to stand out from the groomsmen, and this is achieved by wearing a “subtle” patterned vest in either Black, Ivory or White.

The Silk trim detailing on jacket lapels and/or collar is becoming popular, (and only on black suit), This is another 70’s fad returning, inspired by TV celebrities, but in a more subtle way. The trim itself is narrow and from 1 to 2cm wide .


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