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No matter which stage of life you are currently in, you can enjoy all the benefits of owning your own home sewing business creating doll clothes. In a lifetime, you work at many different jobs. You may start out as an entrepreneur. You mow lawns, baby sit, and do a variety of other odd jobs. In high school you wait tables, deliver newspapers, or spend summers bucking hay.

In college, you find work in your field. You student teach, become a copy editor, or a nurse. After graduation you start a family and wear more hats than you ever did at any of your other jobs. You enjoy the tile of wife, mom, or grandma. Now, it is full circle back to entrepreneur.

The idea is simple. You grew up playing with dolls. Your mom or grandma provided you with countless outfits for dress-up. You hand stitched buttons on wash cloths and then learned to use a sewing machine. You lovingly created clothes for your dolly and a whole new world opened up. It begins with loving what you do and turns into discovering how turn it into a way for you to make money sewing while providing doll outfits to those who may not have the time or skills you do.

You may have no clue how to start a sewing business, but there are many online resources to help you through the process of choosing a name for your business and making sure you have a tax identification number. Once you have that out of the way, the ideas start to come. Quick! Jot them down as you think of them. Here are a few to get you started:

.. Photograph your dolls in the outfits you have made to date and provide a catalog of all the different clothing options available.

..Write down all the tips and tricks you learned along the way and write a book on sewing doll dresses, quilts, and other outfits.

..Look at what you have in your sewing room. The pieces of discarded material and miscellaneous buttons and lace will be just right to sew dolly a new outfit.

..Collect testimonials from family and friends who have benefited from your gifts over the years. Use these for a brochure or website.

Get the word out by creating a website, putting up flyers on message boards, or hosting an open house. There are no limits to what you can think of.

Finally! You now have the creative license (literally) to use all those fabrics and colors at your fingertips and create something special and completely original. In addition to being your own boss, there are other benefits as well. You will not only make money sewing, but you will be able to:

..Create time to be available for all the important family milestones you missed out on when working 9-5.

..Keep the costs low. Work from home rather than having to rent shop space. Use all those local fabric store coupons and increase your inventory of supplies.

..Creatively market your doll clothing in a way that fits you and your unique personality.

Interact with your community through workshops, network with other small businesses, or mentor someone else through the process of starting their own home-based business.

As you explore the possibilities of owning a home sewing business and doing something you love, keep in mind that while there are advantages to you, others will benefit from your decision as well. Your family will see you more, you will provide a service for your community, and new friends will have the chance to get to know you as you venture into the world of business and sewing. Enjoy and get to it!


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