Unique Grey Fall Wedding Ideas 43
Unique Grey Fall Wedding Ideas 43

46 Unique Grey Fall Wedding Ideas

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Brides that choose a fall wedding have a unique opportunity to use rich colors and interesting textures throughout their wedding theme. As the days get short and your big day is just around the corner, you’ll need to put your planning into maximum over-drive. This is such an exciting time, but it can also be a really stressful time too- especially if you are a DIY Bride. Here are a few ideas on how to do your own wedding flowers when you are getting married in the fall or winter.

Wedding Flowers for your fabulous Fall or Winter wedding

Autumn is an absolutely gorgeous time, full of rich colors and amazing textures. A good rule of thumb for fall brides is to use unique fall attributes to create a memorable wedding that reflects not only the season, but your personality also. Really interesting and beautiful fall colors include; luscious green, deep yellow, rusty red, and burnt orange. Sunflowers can make a huge statement at a fall wedding, and look super classy when part of a bouquet with deep purple snap dragons, red Gerbera daisies and mauve Alstromeria. Sunflowers also look incredible when they are used by themselves as a huge bridal bouquet or if they are arranged into a full Bridal Bouquet with Orange Gerbera daisies and yellow button Mums.

A really cute fall wedding table center piece is fake pumpkins (you can get these cheap at a craft store), decorated with a little shimmery glitter (not so much so that it looks like a kid’s Halloween Party), filled with seasonal florals like, deep purple spider mums, burnt orange calla lilies, orange & red gerber daisies, and greenery. You can add several stems of queen ann’s lace for an elegant, autumn look that will be remembered forever.

It is very easy to create an autumn dream wedding cake with fresh, seasonal flowers. Simply place orange and yellow Asiatic lilies on the top tier of your cake, whether it is round, square, or rectangle, as a cake topper. You can amplify the effect by having a few orange, red, and yellow Asiatic lilies cascading down your cake.

Church decorations can be created with a variety of autumn flowers and are easier than you think to make yourself. Try attaching giant Red Gerber daisy heads to the end of each pew, so that the path to the altar is lined with them. This is a simple and pretty way to express cheer and joy on your big day. Add on to this theme by having your Brides Maids carry two or three blooms of giant gerberas in bright orange or sunny yellow. AND, don’t forget about sunflowers – their bright yellow hue would work awesome with this idea.

Long Stem Roses can also be used in a fall wedding and actually look really nice for the fall season. Bright red roses or velvet Black Magic roses mixed with burnt orange calla lilies create an ambiance of old fashioned class. There truly is not any sight like a beautiful, deep red set against a crisp white dress to make a timeless statement no matter what the season!

Winter Wedding Flowers

Creativity can be used in a winter wedding in so many ways. This gorgeous season has a host of interesting flowers and plants that look fabulous and are easy to work with. Long Stem Red Roses are an ideal focal flower for winter weddings, as red off -sets the grey and white colors that naturally occur in a lot of places around the globe during winter time. A bridal bouquet for a winter wedding that looks fantastic is Long Stem Red Roses that cascade with deep green fir or pine branch, and baby’s breath.

Deep red dresses for your Brides Maids while they each carry a single cream colored long stem rose, while you carry a kissing ball bouquet made of cream and red long stem roses, lilly grass, and pearls will make a classic statement and reflect a classic romance.

Make your winter wedding table centerpiece with white calla lilies and red berries (cranberries, holly berries, etc.) set into a floral ring and use evergreen leaves as your base. In the middle of the ring, put a vase and with a white candle floating in the center. If you are having a Christmas themed wedding, use this same idea and just place Christmas Ornaments and Ribbon in the center of the floral ring instead and have them overflowing out and between the arrangement for a unique, holiday effect.


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