Lovely Winter Date Night Outfits Ideas 46
Lovely Winter Date Night Outfits Ideas 46

48 Lovely Winter Date Night Outfits Ideas

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You are alone for a while. You tried finding someone through your friends’ circles. You went to several parties. You attended a Speed Date session. You registered online in several dating sites. And finally! You have a DATE! Friday night is coming up and you are dreading the moment you will meet with your date for the first time. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blind date or if you have met before; what matters is that it is your first date. That first glance might determine your date’s outcome at the end of the night, so it’s crucial to make an impeccable appearance!

What to wear on your first date should not be a last minute task! Making a good physical impression is the first rule in people’s communication pathways. You might be intelligent and interesting but if you don’t dress like it you might give the wrong message with your appearance. In other words what’s inside should be depicted in the way you look as well. It’s not a matter of vanity or super-ego. It’s a matter of respecting yourself and wanting to always present yourself in the best possible way.

Some intellectual people say that what you wear does not matter as much as what’s inside the “package”. Well imagine being in an auditorium, ready to make a speech about financial investments. You appear in a sweat suit in front of 200 people and start your presentation. Do you think that people will don’t mind you appearance and will only notice the important bullet points of your elaborate PowerPoint presentation?… Hm, not likely! Appearance is very important!

Coming back to your date night. You should think ahead what look you are going for. There are many factors you should consider. Please read carefully some important points below:

    • You should dress according to your age. It’s hilarious watching people in the street pretending to be something they are not by wearing unsuitable clothes for their age. You need to be comfortable with your clothes and they should be appropriate to your age.
    • You should wear clothes that fit your size. Many people (especially women) might think they look sexier with tighter clothes so they might buy something 1 or 2 sizes smaller. Believe me you do NOT look sexier. You look “cheaper”.
    • Colors are also important. There are studies proving that each colors depicts a different feeling or behavior. They say that yellow promotes self-confidence, blue eases speech, green is the color of emotions and red the color of sexual drive. Black is an ace in your sleeve, especially if you date is at night. Nothing safer than wearing a black outfit and accessorize it with jewelry or a scarf or a purse in a different brighter color.
    • Shoes are also extremely important. They should match your look. Not too high heels for the ladies, not flats either. You should underline your femininity with nice elegant high heels that will accessories your clothing nicely. For men it’s not a wise idea to wear sneakers. It’s better to go with loafers which are nice and comfortable.
  • Your outer wear is as important as the clothes you will wear inside. You might decide to wear an expensive suit or dress but if your coat is sporty or casual it will destroy the whole look.

Finally, it doesn’t matter if you wear a designer outfit or a no-name ensemble. What matters is to wear the clothes and not the clothes wearing you. You need to “own” your look so as to present confidence. You need to allow your date to go past your appearance after the first few awkward moments and get interested in the “gift” inside the package as well.

The “wrapping” might not be the most important aspect of a gift, but surely a nice wrapping is quite inviting and promising for what’s inside the box!

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