Astonishing Hipster School Outfits Ideas For Sunny Days37
Astonishing Hipster School Outfits Ideas For Sunny Days37

42 Astonishing Hipster School Outfits Ideas For Sunny Days

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A special occasion calls for a very special outfit. While most women would agree with that, it can be hard to figure out exactly what type of attire is appropriate for all of the different types of parties, celebrations, weddings, and other dressy events in our lives. Sort it all out by learning what to wear for the various types of special occasions.

Weddings. Assuming you are a guest, not a member of the bridal party, your wedding attire will be based on the season, location, and time of day during which the wedding takes place. Unless otherwise specified, wear your most fancy attire for an evening wedding. A sparkly cocktail dress with a crystal necklace or even a floor length dress would be fabulous. If the wedding is during the daytime hours, opt for a less formal dress, such as a silk dupioni sheath in a pretty color. While black dresses have become fairly common at weddings, they are not especially festive; an outfit with some color in it will be much more in keeping with the spirit of the celebration.

Bridal Showers. Pick something feminine to wear to a bridal shower. A silk or cashmere sweater (depending on the season) with a patterned skirt, cute shoes, and pearl earrings is classic bridal shower attire. A pretty cotton dress is also lovely for a shower; add a wide brim hat with a lovely ribbon if the shower is to be a garden party. Another nice outfit for a bridal shower is a ruffled blouse or sweater worn with dressy pants (not jeans!). It is an elegant alternative for ladies who do not favor skirts.

First Date at an Elegant Restaurant. This can be a tricky occasion for which to dress. You want to walk that fine line between being ravishingly gorgeous, yet slightly reserved. It is the difference between looking seductive and sleazy. Choose an outfit that highlights your best features without revealing too much skin. For women with curvy figures, a pretty long sleeve wrap dress with a crystal necklace and slingback heels would be a great outfit (layer a lacy camisole under the dress if it shows a lot of cleavage). Or opt for a great Audrey Hepburn inspired style with a fitted bateau neck sheath dress and large pearls. Add a chic little handbag for lipstick and money, and you will be dressed to impress!

Graduation. When attending a high school or college graduation, the look to aim for is polished and classic. This is the time to wear your twin set and pearls, either with a simple skirt or a chic pair of trousers. As many graduations are held outdoors, be sure to select shoes that you can wear on grass. A beautiful pair of flats with a special detail such as a flat bow, designer logo, or quilted fabric would be lovely. If you have a good looking wide brim hat with a grosgrain bow, bring it along if the graduation will be in a sunny spot. Bring a large enough handbag to fit your camera so you won’t miss a single shot of the graduate.

Holiday Party. This is your chance to bring out your most luxe attire. A beaded shell worn with a silk skirt, a velvet sheath dress, or even a silk taffeta tartan skirt are all gorgeous for a holiday party. Even in the afternoon, you can get away with wearing some sparkle, so have fun with a crystal necklace, bracelet, or brooch. The one thing that has no place at a holiday party? A tacky acrylic sweater with a Christmas tree on it. The shine and beautiful details of your holiday ensemble will set a festive tone; no reindeer or trees needed!


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