Popular Sparkly Shoes Weddings Ideas44
Popular Sparkly Shoes Weddings Ideas44

47 Popular Sparkly Shoes Weddings Ideas

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Shoes are a must have fashion accessory and many women have more than just a few pairs of them. So what shoes should you wear for a special occasion?

Type of Occasion

First of all, think of the type of event that you are going to. Is it a wedding, birthday party or evening out? What you wear to a wedding will be considerably different to what you’ll end up wearing to your friend’s garden party. Keep your look feminine but not overdressed for the type of occasion.


If you’re going to a wedding then think about whether it’s going to be inside or outside. If it’s inside, then opt for nice heels, not too high that you can’t walk in them but high enough to accentuate your legs. If the wedding is outside, then it’s best not to wear heels or choose a pair of wedge heels that will go with occasion dresses. Chances are you’ll be stood on grass at some point so you’ll only end up sinking in to the mud. Opt for a chunkier style heel, or even go for flat, satin ballerina style pumps.

The Birthday Party

If you’re off to a birthday party, then check your invite for the dress code, this should give you some idea. Generally, to a birthday party you can wear heels, there’s no need for stilettos but women generally look their best when wearing heels.

A Dinner Date

A dinner date with your partner can leave you wondering what shoes to wear. If you’re going to be sat down all evening, don’t think that your shoes won’t matter because they do. Maybe opt for less sparkly shoes and go for a pair of plain black heels to go with your dress.

Off to a Ball

If you’re off to a very special occasion such as a ball, then you know that what you wear on your feet is equally important as what dress you will wear. As you will be on your feet most of the night, don’t go for really high heels that will leave your feet aching afterwards. How about going for flatter heels, but get a lovely glitzy pair that will really be shown off when you enter the limelight.

The Garden Party

Chances are that you will be on grass and heels + grass do not mix very well. Wear a pair of ballerina style pumps, nowadays they come in a variety of different styles and colours and can go with absolutely any outfit you want to wear.

Party in the Summer

If you’re having a party in the summer months, then wear a pair of glitzy heeled sandals. They will look ultra feminine whilst making you feel really summery.

Party in the Winter

A winter party is a difficult one as you want to look great, but want to keep your feet warm at the same time. Wear a pair of sheer or black thick tights with your occasion dress and then wear a nice pair of heeled shoes. Go for shiny ones as this will make you feel more glamorous.


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