47 Cool Girls Hairstyles Ideas For School

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Is your prom party schedule marked on the calendar yet ? Prom dress, shoes, jewelry, hairstyle can be the major concerns for girls who want to be the focus in the party. And, proper make-up matching with the prom dress and hairstyle will bring you to a perfect note on the prom night.

Although the prom night is an important event for girls in their high school life, it is not necessary to create too outstanding look. All you have to do is to get the prom dress, prom accessories and make-up that matching with your character, and most important – be yourself, in your own style.

Nowadays, young girls are more independent and have their own ideas, but most girls tend to follow the hairstyles, dresses and make-up from the celebrities. It is not a bad idea to follow the styles of Jessica Simpson, Rihanna, Rachel MaAdams, or you may find something else in the ELLE Magazine, At 17, etc., etc. But don’t be a copycat, show your personality, in your own style.

Smokey eyes always give us a mysteries and darling look. They are quite matching with prom dresses in dark colors like black, royal blue, purple, scarlet and charcoal greys. The bold shades of purple, navy blue, brown or black color exude your striking confidence. Adding an overall lining in the upper and lower lids plus a think coating of mascara will bring the whole focus onto the eyes. To complete the overall boldness, use a peach cheek flush and nude color or pink lipstick.

Bright and simple look is for the girls who own a sweet and smilingly face. The peach, light pink, light blue color eye shadow matching with brown or bronze color eyeliner and one coat of black mascara enhance the charming look on the eyes. To finish off the whole bright and sweet look, use sweet, subtle colors flush on the cheek, glossy pink or shimmering peach lip color is the perfect match.


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