Charming Navy Chinos Ideas For Men To Work 47
Charming Navy Chinos Ideas For Men To Work 47

50 Charming Navy Chinos Ideas For Men To Work

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Let’s face it, women are just a lot better at this sort of thing. They seem to possess an innate ability to mix and match, accessorize and enhance; they know months in advance not only where they’re going to be and what they’re going to be doing but what they’ll be wearing. Their wardrobes are subdivided into ‘basics’, ‘essentials’, ‘formal’, ‘evening’ etc. A typical man’s wardrobe is divided into only two sections: things that still fit and things that don’t (but we can’t quite bring ourselves to throw anything out because, any day now, we’re going to join a gym). It’s mind-boggling. Well, let’s see if we can do a little something about it. Here’s the top 12 crucial components of ‘the proper wardrobe for men’.

By white, we mean WHITE. Gleaming. Keep it simple: no elaborate stitching, attention-grabbing button, Oxford collars etc. This can be worn in the evening or in the daytime and will go with just about anything: suits, jeans and suit jacket etc. Avoid wearing as a casual shirt on it’s own; always wear with a suit or blazer jacket. Once it starts to lose its supernova glow, get rid of it and get a new one.

Like the shirt, keep it simple: three buttons, single-breasted. This can be worn with a tie for job interviews or other formal occasions. Lose the tie and it instantly translates into something informal but eye-catching and stylish.

You can buy this as a suit or separately. The suit can be worn for more formal occasions, but the jacket and pants can be mixed and matched with other garments, to create a variety of looks. When worn with jeans or khakis, the black suit jacket makes something fun and informal seem a little more considered and thoughtful.

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