Cute Ghana Braid Hairstyle Ideas To Try Out Soon38
Cute Ghana Braid Hairstyle Ideas To Try Out Soon38

42 Cute Ghana Braid Hairstyle Ideas To Try Out Soon

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Hair health starts from the inside, what we eat and do to our body matter. Overall health is important: it increases our energy; it produces healthy skin and hair cells. The hair and body health are intertwined and also to encourage you in your everyday life.

Currently taking care of Braid Hairstyle by using the afro-hairstyle regime. Braids on and off. In braids, with shampoo and conditioner everyday. Then add hair strengthener and braid sheen, then moisturizing gel to retain the moisture. Add emu oil mixed with a few drops of lavender ess oil to the roots before totally dry. When hair is not in braids, wash (Suave fortifying formula for dry hair) the hair on Wednesdays air dry/ add hair strengthener/ leave in conditioner (detangler MTG). Let it air. Add jojoba oil to the hair and do box braids before completely dry. Clip the ends at least once a month to get rid of any frizzy ends.

For example, on Saturday night you could pre-poo with honey, olive oil and a mixture of oils, infused with herbs, put on plastic cap. And then on Sunday do a deep conditioner with Le Kair (pink) under hood dryer and then add hair strengthener and MTG, etc.

The styling products – mineral oil and petroleum products. They looked like they work at first but then the dryness starts – no good. To increase the use of more natural products, like honey and essential oils and castile soap.

The food – Eat more natural foods and decrease the rich foods that taste so good but not beneficial for your body in the long term. Remember to take vitamins and cod liver oil. If anyone is interested Carlson fish oils are recommended as one of the best and taste OK too.

Exercises – Get back into a serious work out routine and pump some iron.


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