Brilliant Men Fashion Ideas That Trending Today46
Brilliant Men Fashion Ideas That Trending Today46

49 Brilliant Men Fashion Ideas That Trending Today

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After all the buzz over men’s wear, it all comes down to this: men’s suits are back, and they are must-haves more than ever for the young and young at heart. And side by side with this is something that’s been coming back to stay: gray flannel. It’s nothing new to hear of teeners wanting to upgrade their wardrobe to a blazer and a suit, or of wanting shirts with narrower dimensions, paired with skinny ties.

Nowadays, its more and more L.A. out there, with all the fashion centered on jeans, and what one eats and drinks. But in general we see people who are wearing what they had as teeners: baggy jeans, a shirt… for the reason that the anti-Establishment is essential in any society. Nontheless, high-collar, straight-laced suit wearers have a mystifying sense of appeal. But not the heavy, conservative “Savile Row” experience all over again, oh no.

But is there anything wrong with men’s wear before? Arguably, a lot: suits snapped up and worn without regard for the the quality of the fit, and without regard for how it brings out the best in the masculine form. So when Thom Browne walked into the suit scene in 2004, men’s suits were not the same anymore.

The irresistible and rather quaint story of how there is always a yin-yang, love-hate twosome in everything figures very much here, to put it another way. What you got are brilliant ideas that tweak the shirts, the suits, pants, etc. but without doing away with them. In the end, a refreshing, sensible take on men’s wear is what lasts: suits that fit, make sense on the body, help one to feel good as an individual. This also explains the renewed interest over flannel shirts, away from those agog over velvet and nylon men’s wear, not to mention reinvented denim.

And the pants of today! The piece de resistance we are referring to here are totally a far cry to what most crawl into when going to work. We see narrower, more hip-fitting pants, and trouser legs that only lightly brush against the highest part of the shoes. With this revolution, putting on a suit and pants is becoming more and more a high class ritual and no longer an echo of a boyhood chore.

We would also be amiss if we do not point out that all these changes in trends surprisingly bring on a new appreciation of the confidence and savvy that men’s wear brings.


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