40 Creative Graduation Party Ideas For High School

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Some true milestones in a person’s life are the first day of a job, their wedding day, birth of a child or a high school or college graduation. A graduation party commemorates the completion of many years of study and work and is a symbolic send off into a bright future. Keeping the graduate the center of attention should be the central aim of any successful graduation party. The graduate should be the star of the show. Take note of these graduation party ideas to get you started:

* Invitations – Formal or informal, there are plenty of unique ways to create your graduation party invitations. Making them resemble little diplomas is a creative and popular idea. They are easy to make too, just print party information on fancy paper, then roll up and tie with a ribbon in the graduate’s school color. Add some flair by tying on a diploma charm or tassel. If you are sending out traditional paper or imprinted invites, sprinkle on some confetti to match the decorative colors of the school. In your invitation, ask each guest to come to the party with his or her own musical message, personal note, tape recorded message or a video segment. If the graduate’s relatives are not able to be present for the party, request them to make a video clipping for that graduate and display this tape during the party. Be sure to carefully save the remembrances so that the graduate can look back fondly on this day years later. Send out the invitations as early as possible.

* Themes – You’ll need to think of an appropriate them to make your graduation party stand out. For example, if the graduate is a big sports fan you can prepare the theme based around their favorite sport or team. Hang up jerseys, pennants, newspaper clippings around the house or yard. Your sports theme can also include custom imprinted balls, pom poms, pennants or cheer phones. Stadium cups from their favorite team can be used to enhance your sports graduation party theme. Generally, you should plan for an open house style as most graduates have many friends who will want to try to make it to each party after the graduation ceremony.

* Location – Essentially, you should decide the location based on convenience. Your home, community center, park, club house, or bowling alley make good options for your graduation party.

* Decorations – Along with the theme, the d├ęcor can be one of the most important graduation party ideas. This day will mark the completion of a long road through school and it is fun to remember the early days of the graduate’s life. Setup a table to be filled with the memorabilia brought by the guests. Dig through the attic or basement to find awards, sports photos, prom photos, honors, diplomas, senior pictures, mortarboard, textbooks and pennants. Have some photos blown up as posters. This display will honor and be cherished by the graduate and his family. The grad and his friends will enjoy reminiscing about the good old days.

Now that you’ve done all this work, don’t forget to take dozens of pictures! If you have the capability, upload them to photo sharing websites for the whole world (or just your family) to see.

Using a few simple graduation party ideas will make your graduate feel on the top of the world and ready to move on to the next stage of their life.


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