Captivating Short Undercut Hairstyle Ideas For Mens40
Captivating Short Undercut Hairstyle Ideas For Mens40

43 Captivating Short Undercut Hairstyle Ideas For Mens

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Wherever you live and work in the world today as a hairstylist you are probably faced with clientele of different races.  Then ask yourself truthfully –

“Does my present wet cutting technique give me the results that I want when the client’s hair is thick and coarse or even wavy?”

“Is my ability to cut new hairstyles limited because I suspect it has to do with my wet cutting technique?”

You are so right! The answer is in dry cutting. In a real world where everyone has so varied a texture and volume of hair dry cutting is the best technique to apply.

Dry cutting allows freedom of expression whereas in wet cutting the moistened hair carries too much weight to realistically allow the fingers to feel while cutting. Now a hairstyle should look good and worn when its dry so why should a haircut be cut while wet? Wet cutting only applies to traditional schools of thought where the traditional bob for a female or the crop for a male is taught. In the real world this limits one’s creativity. Dry cutting takes away the need to constantly learn from tutors who claim to teach a new ways of creating the same usual haircuts. Where the end result is the same but the approach is different. Time to remove the veil from your eyes. Now the power of creativity is placed back in your hands and fear is released.

First you need to do is to wash the client’s hair and blow dry freely with the hands without the use of brushes. If the hair too long and lengthy you simply use a brush and dry it in the normal way but with no emphasis on creating smoothness and sheen. While drying notice where the crown point is as this will determine what creations you can think of. For men, try to think out of the box, do not give the conventional short crop. If its a woman stay clear off the conventional bob or long layer with no emphasis on internal reconstruction. Next ask yourself this- Can a hairstyle be created with undercuts or with an idea of asymmetry thrown in?


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