45 Unique Wedding Shoes Bride Ideas You Must Have

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The hardest part of your wedding day outfit is buying all of these fantastic items that you cannot wear again. That wedding dress will be put in a box somewhere, the gorgeous tiara will be given to your maid of honor and the wedding jewelry might be worn again, but only for a special occasion. But, the one thing you can wear again are your wedding shoes, especially if you buy shoes in a different color other than white or ivory.

These days, more brides are going with alternative colors for their wedding shoes. Brides are choosing everything from red wedding shoes to gorgeous yellow shoes. Changing the color of your shoes is a great look since the shoes will definitely stand out. Plus, the best part about this is that you can wear the wedding shoes again, something that you can’t do when you choose a pair of ivory shoes.

To wear the shoes again, make sure you choose a fun color that you like to match with your other clothes. Most likely, the wedding colors you’ve chosen are ones that you naturally gravitate towards anyways. Therefore, the if you choose shoes that match those colors, then you will have no problem matching those shoes to items in your wardrobe.

One of my personal favorites isĀ red wedding shoes. The color red is so romantic and beautiful and brides that choose a deep wine color really allow themselves lots of flexibility later on. That deep red color shoe will match well with a pair of dark jeans or black pants or a cute white skirt. Plus, every time you put them on, your husband will instantly become more attracted to you. Yes, studies have shown that men love the color red and find it more attractive and alluring. Why not wear a pair of shoes on your wedding day that you know your husband will drool over just as much as you?

Another alternative is to choose something bright and fun. The latest season’s brides have chosen green wedding shoes as something completely different. Green shoes go best in an outdoor wedding where the flowers and the outdoor scenery complement them really well. Brides should make sure they choose the bold green or the darker olive color in order to match well with their white wedding dresses. When photographing the shoes, make sure you are not standing in the grass or the shoes won’t stand out at all.


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