49 Cute Summer Outfit Ideas Thatll Take You From Pool To Dinner

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So you’ve been hitting the gym and cutting down on the pies in time for summer, but without the right wardrobe to help you cope with the heat and show off your hard work, you might end up wilting in the long hot months. Winter is easy, all you need are sturdy jeans a few jumpers and a good jacket and you’re covered – no one expects anyone to be looking their best when they are battling against five inches of snow after all. However, summer is when your wardrobe ends up in the spotlight, and that means it’s worth a little investment.

While your football team’s T-shirt will likely do you for plenty of lazy summer days, the problem for most men is finding a comfortable summer solution that will take them from the office to the pub – without leaving them sweaty or crumpled. Luckily, there are a few basic pieces that can solve all your summer clothing woes. Simply by mixing and matching from a limited number of simple summer items, you’ll find it’s easy to ditch the winter drudgery without looking like the stereotypical sunburned Brit with a hanky on your head.

A white T-shirt is a wardrobe basic no man should be without, but it really comes into its own in the summer months. Not only does it look great and blend easily with most outfit combinations, but white reflects heat and helps you keep cooler when the sun is blazing. White picks up the dirt easily so you’ll need a few, but is better that many other colours for camouflaging wet patches – another big bonus. Layering your white tee with a short sleeved top means you’ll have a great smart-casual look that should see you right in most summer situations.

The choice between jeans and shorts is always a tough one, the last thing you want is to be the only guy freezing in shorts on an unexpectedly cool summer night. On the other hand, denim jeans can leave you feeling completely stifled. This is where the chinos come into their own. Khaki trousers may have suffered from a bit of a stigma in the past, but these days they’ve been reclaimed and anyone can feel comfortable in these comfortable trousers that can normally be worn to work too.


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