Relaxing Bridal Wedding Hairstyles Ideas That Looks Cool37
Relaxing Bridal Wedding Hairstyles Ideas That Looks Cool37

41 Relaxing Bridal Wedding Hairstyles Ideas That Looks Cool

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The bridal veil is a lovely accent to the wedding gown. It definitely says, “Here comes the bride”! To make the most of your veil, you will need to choose a headpiece and hairstyle which complement it. These are some suggestions for beautiful bridal veil and wedding hairstyle combinations.

Many wedding gowns are shown with matching veils. This can be the perfect finishing touch for your gown, especially when the veil is adorned with a detail pulled from the bridal gown, such as a matching lace applique. The perfectly matched veil and wedding dress set, however, can become very formal and a bit stiff, so always feel free to select an alternate veil which looks pretty with your gown without being an exact match.

Once you have the veil and gown worked it, it it time to put the rest of your look together. In general, the more veil you have, the more grand or large your hairstyle should be. You do not want to end up looking like a bald lady swallowed up by an enormous veil! So if you have selected a veil with several tiers, for instance, opt for a wedding hairstyle which also has fullness and a strong presence. A sleek ultra modern bun would not hit the right note, whereas an updo with a bit of a bump to it would be well balanced with a fuller veil.

A full veil also needs bridal hair jewelry with some presence. If your wedding is formal, a sparkly tiara can be placed right up against the front edge of the veil, which should be worn right on the top of the head or just back a pinch on the crown of the head (more narrow veils can be worn further back). Brides who plan to remove their veils after the ceremony can opt for bridal hair jewelry worn in the back of a fancy updo, where it will really shine once the veil is removed for the reception. A large crystal comb or a scattering of sparkly hairpins could be just right.

When deciding on your wedding hairstyle, it is important to consider where on your head you wish to wear your veil. If you like the look of a long veil flowing behind you, but prefer not to have any veil near your face, opt for a style like a braided bun in the center back of your head. The veil can be placed below your hairdo, and your headpiece directly above it. Great hair jewelry for this bridal hairstyle and veil combination include a jeweled circlet which goes around the edge of the bun or a large feather flower set on one side of the hairdo.

Brides with short hair will have a different set of considerations. You may well end up wearing your hair in its everyday style, if you have a short haircut tailored to a specific look. It is still worthwhile to have your hair professionally styled on the day of your wedding to make sure it looks its absolute best. Besides, hairstylists have tricks that can add volume to even the shortest haircut or give a perfect sleek finish to styles like modern bobs. When you have less hair, a single layer veil looks the best, as too much fullness will be overwhelming. Anchoring a veil in short hair can be tricky, but if you select a double headband as your bridal hairpiece, it will be much easier. The comb of the veil can be nestled between the two bands of the headband to prevent the veil from sliding down the back of your head.

A final tip is to have your veil and headpiece selected before having a hair trial at the salon. This will help your hairstylist to guide you to the hairdos which will be the best match to your accessories. You will be ensured of coming up with a veil, headpiece, and bridal hairstyle which all look fantastic together.


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