Fashionable Fall Trends Ideas To Try Right Now33
Fashionable Fall Trends Ideas To Try Right Now33

43 Fashionable Fall Trends Ideas To Try Right Now

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Wearing large bangle bracelets with a few smaller ones are very fashionable today. The wilder the colors are the better you will like them. The tiger stripes and leopard stones are a big trend for this fall and winter.

With tiger and leopard stones showing up in the fashion world of jewelry for this Fall and winter you are sure to want them in your jewelry collection. The articles that have commented on these tiger and leopard stones say that they are are going to be very popular for this year’s fashion in jewelry.

The most popular stones in fashion jewelry will be the stripes and leopards along with many different colors of bigger stones. These different colored stones can be worn with your earth tones for the winter months. These big beautiful popular stones will be sure to catch everyone’s eyes.

We have been told to look for many different types of metal jewelry that will be mixed together. Fashion gurus say that the Fashionist as well will be wearing yellow gold and white gold jewelry together. Why not pick up a nice cuff bracelet alone with a few smaller bracelets for your wardrobe for the cooler months.

If you find that you don’t like to wear more than two bracelets at a time you could wear a big wide bracelet that’s called a cuff bracelet to get a similar look. You could pick up a couple of the nicer wood bangle bracelets to wear instead of the big cuff bracelet.

The lapis lazuli stone is a deep semiprecious gemstone that is blue in color. These blue gemstones has big bold pendants and chains that are embedded with many different bright colors of gemstones. These blue gemstone colors are one that you will fall in love with.

With these earth tone outfits you can wear different colors of browns and yellow gemstones. Jewelry with gold flecks, black and browns in them will go great with your earth tone outfits.


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